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  • Load an animated Image*
Loading animated images is easy. You can load it using the same methods that you would use to load a normal image like a jpeg or png:

Add a reference to the GifDecoder:
using ImageTools.IO;
using ImageTools.IO.Gif;


Then load the image:
ExtendedImage desert = new ExtendedImage();

desert.UriSource = uriToImage;

Once the image is loaded you can loop over the frames and animate them using a timer.

You can also use the AnimatedImage control. This control has an dependency property called Source which accepts an ExtendedImage. This image must not be loaded when you assign it, it will be displayed, when loading is completed.

This control automatically animates the image when it has multiple frames.

You can also use the ImageConverter class to bind the Source property to an Uri or String property directly.

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