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At the moment, I am too busy to care about the project. If somebody is interesting to do this job, please contact me. I will try to have a look to the discussions from time to time, but I cannot promise to respond quickly. Sorry

Project Description

ImageTools for Silverlight is a library, which provides additional functionality for loading, saving and manipulation images from different sources and with different formats.

At the moment the library is able to load the most important png, jpg, bmp and gif formats. Please have a look at the following demo and select a image which should be displayed. If an error messages appears this means, that the file is not supported yet and I would very happy for a comment with the image attached, which you used for testing.

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About the Author

Sebastian Stehle is a Software engineer from Germany. He is an enthusiastic silverlight developer and the author of the ImageTools library. He is also interested in game development and service oriented architecture and studies computer science at the Karlsruhe Institut of Technology (KIT). He is also member of an international development team, who works on a free diagram editor with silverlight:

You can contact him at the following email address

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