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JPEG encode a scaned image from Silverlight OOB

Jul 25, 2011 at 6:00 PM

Hi guys,

I am somewhat new to Silverlight and need some help. I am trying to build a Silverlight OOB application that will allow users to scan images and save them to a SQL DB. I can call out the scan dialog and can save the image to a file or to DB through the exposed binarydata of the WIA image file. All is good till I realized that the image is always in a BMP format and is not recognized by silverlight.

I would like to use imagetools to grab the scanned image, encode it to JPEG and then save it as a byte array to the DB. If this can not be done in memory stream then i don't mind saving the file and then encode it.

 Please help guide me on how I can achieve this through imagetools library!