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Version 0.4

At the moment we dont have a roadmap for 0.4 but many features requests by other developers:
  • Encoding and Decoding JPEG 2000 images. Can be implemented using the CSJ2K library.
  • Full support of all png formats, also very exotic bit depths with one, two or four pixels per color.
  • Bugfixes in gif decoder.

Version 0.3

For the next release (version 0.3), the following tasks are planned.
  • (OBSOLETE) Full working gif decoder.
  • (OBSOLETE) Testing of loading different image formats
  • (OBSOLETE) Red-Eye-Filter
  • (DONE) Bug fixes in ImageEditor control (Completed)
  • (DONE) Testing of the AnimatedImage control and bug fixes when necessary.
  • (PARTLY) Loading and saving of DPI information (just for png's at the moment)

The requirements of image tools have changed, many users had some feature requests and we decided to go a different way for version 3.0. Therefore many tasks became obsolete, but will be a part of a future release.

I still need help. Are you interested to work on one of tasks above or do you have an idea for another additional feature, please contact me.

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geardoom3 Mar 28, 2011 at 11:21 PM 
A user upload an image. The SL client resizes the image before sending to the server by WCF
If this isn't implemented it would make this a very interesting feature.